Andrew BucklandAndrew Buckland
South Africa



Having tripped and fallen from Physical Education Studies into Theatre Studies in 1974, Andrew Buckland has continuously nurtured a growing obsession with live theatre and performance, and the notion of theatre as a necessary function of life. Employing a dynamic and exciting combination of visual comedy, sophisticated political satire, clowning, physical theatre, mime and an explosive performance style, Adnrew’s works have become synonymous with provocative, entertaining and stimulating theatre both in South Africa and internationally. He is known for his groundbreaking, original work, including The Ugly Noo Noo, Bloodstream, Fuse, The Well-Being, Feedback and Between the Teeth, which has won him numerous awards for Best New Original Script, and Best Performance.

Since July 1992 he has been employed in the Drama Department at Rhodes, and the opportunity to combine research and teaching of new performance forms and contexts with professional practice has resulted in the creation of 24 new theatre works many of which have been toured internationally. Professor Buckland spent 2008/2009 performing as Sgt Pepper in LOVE The Beatles for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. In July 2010 he was appointed Head of the Drama Department at Rhodes.

Andrew toured extensively as a cast member in Truth in Translation and, most recently, has appeared as a performer in Laugh the Buffalo, Crazy in Love, and Discharge. He has worked with Global Arts Corps as a trainer in both Northern Ireland/North of Ireland and Cambodia.