Nick BoraineNick Boraine
Associate Artistic Director



Nick Boraine graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1994 with an honors degree in drama. Since then he has been involved in countless aspects of performing, writing and directing for stage, television, as well as film.

As an actor Nick has performed in numerous plays, highlights of which include Popcorn, Birdy, Faustus, Metamorphosis, Sic and Truth in Translation. In his film and television work Nick has been involved in many local South African and international production. Films include, Promised Land, In My Country, I Dreamed of Africa, District 9, Jozi and Paradise Stop. On television he’s been seen in King Solomon’s Mines, The Philanthropist, Strike Back and the Mating Game to name a few.

Touring the world with Truth in Translation was a transforming moment on both a professional and personal level. The relationship between performing and storytelling and their influence on breaking the vengeance cycle fascinated Nick. Through the countless workshops and interactions with other performers, ex-combatants and children, he saw endless possibilities to provoke a perceptual shift that might stop violence and promote dialogue.

While Nick continues to act on stage and screen, he also works for the Global Arts Corps in the role of Associate Artistic Director.