For its next decade of work, Global Arts Corps is exploring children's take on the world and how they perceive its conflicts, in a Children’s Radio Network that will organically and sustainably expand across borders.

From its inception, GAC, a 501(c)(3) organization, has brought together performing artists from opposite sides of cultural, religious, national and racial divides to create theatrical platforms for people to hear stories of those they have learned to hate and fear. Our previous project—See You Yesterday—shifted this focus, and instead of crossing borders, crossed generations. Young Cambodian circus performers used their extraordinary physical skills and imagination to visit the past and create a platform to break the silence shrouding them and their elders. These experiences have brought us to our current focus.

Global Arts Corps theatrically probes persistent hatreds and fears around the world to disrupt cycles of historical and cultural vengeance.

Can we reconcile the past to survive the future?

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