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2018 End of the Year Update from Global Arts Corps

Cambodian cast members of “See You Yesterday” with Global Arts Corps associate artists
Cambodian cast members of “See You Yesterday” with Global Arts Corps associate artists

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Courage to us all in the coming year, and many thanks for your support of Global Arts Corps.

In 2019, after 15 years in the field, we are embarking on an ambitious new project; an unexpected consequence of all that we have done before. The largest cast of actors we have ever convened, from conflict zones around the world, will travel back in time to address the DNA of the world’s continuing chaos, together on a single stage. This theatrical “social experiment” will be generated from each culture’s present and historical conflicts to examine the structures creating individual and national identities…identities that ultimately demonize the “other.” We will be putting social chaos on the stage because we feel it is the only way to find the simple order that binds us together.

More on this over the next few weeks but, at the moment, a brief summary of some special successes of this past year:

-In March, the young Cambodian cast of “See You Yesterday” (SYY) performed for over 4,000 audience members in three cities in their home country, and gave workshops for over 800 teachers-in-training. We were supported in this endeavor by the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation, which also supported the 2016 Rwandan tour to the Ubumuntu Arts Festival at the Kigali Genocide memorial, and the Kigeme Congolese refugee camp, where the cast performed for over 20,000 people.

-We have been invited to present the U.S. premiere of “SYY” in May 2019, at the Robert J. Orchard Stage at ArtsEmerson in Boston. Wewill send you a “save the date” newsletter, and hope some of you will join us to see these remarkable performers, who have become the first phase of our burgeoning youth program.

-The first rough cut of the feature length film of these young people’s courageous journey into a past previously shrouded in silence,
was shown in October at the four US Embassy centers in Cambodia (Four Corners). A final cut will be ready for finishing by the end of January. Stay tuned…

-This November in Paris, seven Global Arts Corps team members from around the globe met with a team of six UNESCO program heads to discuss our new project and our future work together. Discussions are underway to bring “SYY” performances to UNESCO’s magnificent, state of the art theatre.

-Finally, we have been extremely fortunate to assemble an extraordinary new advisory council of eminent artists, statesmen, journalists and scientists whom we will introduce in our next post.

It is only with your support that we can continue to do the work we are doing, and should you choose, we gratefully welcome gifts of all sizes. We hope you will keep us in mind with your end-of-year donations before December 31st by making a tax-deductible contribution to Global Arts Corps either through our website, or by mailing a check to Global Arts Corps at 790 Riverside Dr. #6P, New York, NY 10032.

As always, our sincere thanks for your inspiration and support, and happy holidays from all of us at Global Arts Corps.