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Eileen Pollock, 1947-2020

Eileen Pollock, 1947-2020

When Jackie and I met Polly for the first time in 2010, casting for what was to become our Belfast production—Hold Your Tongue, Hold your Dead. A tornado! An original...a force of nature, a complex of so many things in so many wrappings, I just knew she would keep me off balance—a gift that only some very special actors are able to bequeath to a director. She had an energy that came out of a bemused fatigue, and in that audition room, like quicksilver, she became the character she wanted to play. In a play that ended up being about two children grasping for heros from the past, she was an anchor of memory, dreams, and unquenchable courage and practicality.

She outraged some in the cast, she bewitched others. And audiences loved her. And no matter what she was doing, she made me smile. There was nothing that would make her see herself as a she had no boundaries and from that, a kind of wavering light never ceased to flicker out from her. Stubborn and open at the same time, she was unshakeable.

Rest in Power, dear Polly.
We won't soon forget you.

Michael Lessac