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GAC and the Children of Isniq

GAC and the Children of Isniq

Dear all,

This year Global Arts Corps has brought groups of children together in France, Kosovo, and on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. We’ve shared dialogue between these groups through recorded soundscapes as part of our work in developing our international radio exchange with children between the ages of 6 and 12. We’ve been most fortunate to be able to have some amazing bilingual children do all of the translating.

It is thrilling for kids to hear kids from other countries translating their hopes and dreams to find out about each other through their voices alone, and not the way they look.

GAC and the Children of Isniq

In November we finished this year’s second stage of our Kosovo bridge with almost 80 kids and 5 of our international team members. Included here are photos from kids in Isniq, Kosovo responding to the kids they have started sharing stories with from the reservation and two separate towns in Brittany. We will return to Kosovo for the third stage of the work this spring and in the meantime our team will be on the ground in France and Wyoming.

We are thankful for everyone’s past support and hope you support our work with children this year. The results of our work are increasingly emboldening our conviction that we can offer a path to empower kids, still curious and open-minded, to resist a bit of the confusion and hatred spreading in the world today. The proof of concept is their brilliant raw hunger to connect with other children across borders around the world.Your tax-deductible donation will assure this work can continue.Donations can be made here:

We wish everyone a good holiday season and all the best for the coming year.

All best,

Jackie and Michael Lessac
and the Global Arts Corps team