Landmines is a documentary film that chronicles a diverse group of young circus performers from the streets of Battambang, Cambodia, as they seek to discover for themselves the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime and the genocide that still impacts their lives today.

As they examine the fragments of partial truths and lies that are still flying around their heads—the remnants of the regime's indoctrination—they interview former Khmer soldiers and survivors, often their own families, and travel backwards in time to recreate for themselves the experiences and suffering of their elders.

The third act of their journey occurs in a Congolese refugee camp in Rwanda as they push themselves with their deft acrobatic skills to present their groundbreaking stage production See You Yesterday. There, before an audience of other genocide survivors and displaced people, they perform the story of their harrowing past with an eye toward hope for the new generation and its still-recovering country.