Our Story

From productions contending with post-Apartheid South Africa to The Troubles in Northern Ireland/North of Ireland, through the Cambodian genocide—along with two full-length documentary films—GAC’s work has been seen in more than 47 cities in Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and North America.

This work has in turn given birth to workshops in youth community centers, NGOs, educational centers, and theatres. In all, our productions have spanned seven countries on four continents, reaching over 100,000 audience members, and facilitating reconciliation workshops for over 15,000 participants.

Our productions—both in their original lands and on tour—are designed to encourage dialogue and create a space for people to hear the stories of those they have learned to fear and hate. The stage becomes a laboratory for reconceiving conflict. Over the years, we have been invited by artists, educators, and youth groups in different countries to collaborate with them in finding personalized ways to their own stories of the conflict that affects their lives today. Our own process has evolved over the years through what we have learned from the casts of performers and the audiences who enriched our techniques at every turn and helped us find our way in a global context.

It is an evolving process that we share with others who want to tell their own story of conflict, genocide, cultural or religious oppression. The unspoken goal is to cross enough borders to find a universal common bond for understanding the nature of revenge-vengeance cycles that plagues us all. At present our growing team includes artists from South Africa, Rwanda, Cambodia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, the United States, Northern Ireland, Ghana, and Albania.